Holacracy Constitution version 5 (simplified version)

The Dutch version of this document was created by Energized.org. Energized is the firm that helped us implement Holacracy and is a very pleasant partner to work with. For some parts of these pages, we added what we feel is the intent of a section. We feel the intent often helps the mental process better than the letter of the law will.

Holacracy is a system to organise work, not people, and it does that really well.


The signatories hereby adopt this constitution as the operating model of the organisation (or any part thereof, e.g., a department). By doing so, the signatories transfer their authority to govern the organisation to the rules and processes from this constitution, except powers they cannot or may not delegate. The signatories or their successors may amend or repeal it at any time as long as they do so in writing.

All existing agreements and systems of the organisation shall remain in effect after signing. If you want to modify them later, it must be done according to the ground rules in this constitution. In addition to the signatories, the organisation also has partners - employees, volunteers, hired workers, etc. - who help in the work and in governing the organisation. They are expected to do their best to adhere to the ground rules in this constitution.

Article 1: Circles and roles
Article 2: Cooperation between autonomous roles
Article 3: Tactical meetings
Article 4: You may take any action and make any decision in your role
Article 5: Self-organization through the governance process

Holacracy is a trademark of HolacracyOne, LLC. This translation is shared under the same license as the original Constitution, namely a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.