Creating New Circles, or Changing a Role into A Circle

There seems to be a bug (or is it a feature? 🤷) in GlassFrog which makes it hard/impossible to create a new circle or change an existing role into a circle. There is a solution described here. A support ticket has been filed with GlassFrog on July 8th 2022. Currently waiting on an answer.

Creating a New Circle From Scratch

If you want to create a brand new (sub)circle (so not one composed of already existing roles, because in that case you can move those into your new role and you’ll automatically get a circle) you need to do it in two steps.


First: create a new role/circle (see screenshot above). Once accepted, this will become a new role in the circle you made the proposal in.

Second: Go to the role page, click the 3-dot menu and either

  • go to add subrole and create the new role you want to have in your circle
  • go to open meeting and open a Governance meeting. This is handy if you want to make multiple modifications or want the familiarity of the GlassFrog setup that you’re used to 🙂

⚠️This does not work for roles that haven’t been assigned to anybody yet. If the role really needs to be a circle before it can be assigned to anybody (but I can’t really imagine a usecase where that’s absolutely needed), an Admin can add a placeholder subrole so that it becomes a circle, but you do later have to go through governance to make changes to that role or clean it up.

Changing an existing Role into a Circle

For roles filled by one person

If the role is filled by one person (you): the same process as the above (since step 1 is creating a new role). You can just add a subrole to the role and it will automatically become a circle 🎉, or you can move another role from somewhere into your role and it will become a circle too.

For roles filled by multiple people

If the role is filled by 2 or more people: you need to open a governance meeting for the role. Go to the role page, click on ‘start meeting’ and open a governance meeting. There is no way to do this async, but the good news is that you don’t have to do it in governance of the supercircle. Since version 5 it is entirely up to rolefillers if they want to change their role into a circle, so they can do it in their own governance.