Corona / Covid 19 guideline

This page can only be edited by the Health Crisis Coordinator

Updated: October 2022

This guideline is being made to make sure and to guarantee a safe workspace - taking in mind Covid 19 - for every colleague when you want to work in the Voys HQ.

❌ Do you have health complaints? Please work at home at all times and don't come to the office!
❌ If you are experiencing health issues and your self-test is negative, please work from home for safety reasons. We don’t want to unintentionally infect each other with any kind of flu.
Performing a self-test regularly is a good idea. On this government page you will find the applicable rules for isolation and quarantine.

Want to work in the Voys office? Take notice of the following:

  1. Check-in at the Proxyclick pole is mandatory. The pole is located at the entrance. Reason: the home office allowance and commuting allowance are based on checking in. Signing in at this pole is always mandatory; it will also being checked via a time to time audit.
  2. Try to ventilate from time to time by opening windows and/or doors.
  3. The advice is to don’t shake hands. Wash your hands regularly.
  4. Be respectful of each other's choices! (We want to provide a place where everyone feels safe to work. For example, does a colleague still want 1.5 meters distance? Then try to offer someone this space too)