Extensive explanation Strategists


Strategists are responsible for multiple product-market combinations at the top of the organization. They have an analytical mindset, a macro perspective, and an external orientation. They ask themselves the question, 'what impact or change do we want to bring to the market’ or ‘what impact do we want our company to have’ and think three to five years ahead. Typical issues are:

  • market developments,
  • new product market combinations,
  • mergers and acquisitions,
  • business financing,
  • dealing with stakeholders,
  • managerial and legal developments,
  • social trends.

The Strategist gives direction to the organization. They define goals and see opportunities and possibilities to achieve them. Strategist has an external orientation par excellence, they always have their antennae out and make plans that should secure the continuity of the organization over time. In contrast to the Leader, the Strategist leads and directs a group of several product-market combinations.

Competences of the Strategist

Strategic action

Takes strategic risks to profit from them in the long run.


Balances tactical goals and strategic plans and know how to align tactical plans aimed at realizing strategic goals, and determines the direction in which the organization should develop and the goals that should be pursued.


Seeks sees and creates opportunities to expand business and markets, is constantly looking for ways to expand business and markets, is decisive and has charisma, takes continuous initiatives, and dares to take risks, but does so responsibly towards the internal organization.