Extensive explanation Specialist


Specialists solve complex but specific problems within a complete area of expertise using relevant methods and techniques. These are unique problems that exist outside of the daily routine and that don't yet have a prescribed solution. Specialists are charged with 'incident management. This means that they can make an analysis of a special problem based on specifically gathered information, draw conclusions from the analysis and decide on the best solution to that problem so, generally, the problem is immediately solved. Specialists work independently and focus on solutions and results. The position is intended to realize concrete tasks, whether as a project or otherwise

  • analyze systems, meaning customers/suppliers, clients, programs or installations;
  • systematically maintain, manage and/or change (modify) systems, once again meaning customers/suppliers, clients, programs or installations;
  • fit in or adapt/change/guide 'systems' to ensure that they are (once again) part of the (business) process;
  • solve second-level problems (exceptions, serious incidents that need to be handled differently);
  • draft and build the technical design (plan focused on realizing specifications) of systems, products, installations, production processes, customers, suppliers, etc.;
  • solve the 'what-question': what are the specific steps we need to take to reach a solution;
  • methodically and systematically solve specific problems: situations/incidents that need a unique and special solution;
  • realize a 'production process' with concrete and precise outcomes;
  • make the (production) processes more optimal/efficient: researching how everything can be better, faster, more or cheaper tomorrow; signal and advise on policy matters.

For this position, the employee needs a Higher Vocational Education;

  • to have mastered the methods and techniques of his area of expertise to solve operational issues;
  • To analyze information and draw the right conclusions from it;
  • to work systematically on solutions;
  • to follow protocols in which the (research) methods are described;
  • to be solution and result oriented, focused on the short term.

Competencies of the specialist

Analytical ability

Unravels difficult stand-alone problems, conducts methodical and systematic research, draws conclusions independently, and chooses solution direction and approach.

Result oriented

Sets concrete goals and, taking into account the common interest, makes every effort to achieve the objectives. is constantly focused on the improvement and optimization of technology and the work process.

Subject orientation

Demonstrates detailed knowledge and skill related to the work, maintains and enhances professional knowledge, and stays abreast of the latest developments.