Extensive explanation Skilled Worker

Skilled Worker

The profile of Skilled Worker is focused on the execution of clearly defined tasks that can be done within a certain set of rules and regulations. For Skilled Worker positions, specific expertise is required, which can be demonstrated using a degree or certificate. The tasks they will handle need to be executed accurately. Skilled Workers work within the boundaries of the regulations, assignments and routines, but they are not replaceable. One crane operator is very good at his job, but the next one might not be. The position consists mostly of routine, daily tasks that need little to no problem insight; is executed with tools and/or resources that require craftsmanship; consists mostly of executive, supporting tasks; requires working with others when it comes to collegiality and proper manners; has to be executed according to rules and regulations: it is not allowed to deviate from the clearly formulated approach. For this position, the employee needs to have mastered a profession that requires a degree or certificate; does not need any problem insight: almost everything is arranged or clearly recorded; needs to be able to execute very concrete, well-defined tasks.