Extensive explanation Generalist


From their own field of expertise, the Generalist has a vision on the market and uses this to create new sales opportunities and/or ensure the continuity of a complex field of interest (= number of similar business processes). Their carry the responsibility for the coherence and the result of the field of interest and guide several Professionals, spanning several business processes within the field. The Generalist steers the business in new directions and is heavily involved in bigger governance issues that affect the company as a whole.

The input of the Generalist is a contributing factor for choices regarding the development of the business. They are strongly focused on innovation in the field of interest. They develop new concepts for business processes, methods and techniques to increase the connection to the market.

They behave as entrepreneurs and create opportunities. A Generalist oversees the coherence between multiple projects or departments. Their focus is on creating framework conditions for their circle concerning the right capabilities, rewarding and challenging work, etc. to ensure innovations. They inspire people. The position is intended to interpret market developments that require fundamental changes in the organization;

  • introduce innovative models ('language, new insights') that can be used to understand market developments that can then be translated to organization solutions;
  • define the 'why-question' that gives meaning to and an interpretation of the changing process; identify and define the themes that will give meaning to the change;
  • define the principle design for the set-up of the business processes within the field of interest; bring about business development (growth and development of the entire company) from his own field;
  • realize fundamental changes in the organization within a period of 2 to 3 years (program management);
  • put together the innovation agenda (solving timing issues).

For this position, the employee needs to be an authority in their field;

  • be an inspiration for Professionals (role model);
  • able to convince the supercircles of his vision;
  • have a lot of experience (> 10 years), even though years of experience are not always a guarantee of adequate qualifications.