Extensive explanation Allrounder


Allrounders excel in solving all sorts of practical problems. Whether these problems are of a technical, commercial or administrative nature, the All-rounder can make decisions that quickly lead to an adequate solution. All-rounders can anticipate unexpected events that disrupt everyday business. Within the framework of procedural rules, the All-rounder has the authority to make decisions that benefit the progress of the work. That is why the All-rounder must be able to assess the consequences of his actions. The position is executed with the aid of the administrative or analytical program, systems or instruments that are already configured/set up; consists of mostly routine but varied tasks that require problem insights; consists mostly of executive, supporting tasks that require the ability to work together with others; requires regular consulting with others to solve practical problems; is executed according to procedural guidelines: the best approach is clearly formulated and known from previous experiences. For this position, the employee needs an Intermediate Vocational Education; has to be able to execute clearly formulated tasks independently; can solve most of the regular problems; can gather and exchange information; can put himself in the position of the other people he has to work with; needs some degree of flexibility, the ability to assess practical matters and the ability to prioritize; can improvise without losing control of his work.