Coaching (external)

Internally, we have a number of roles you can turn to for coaching issues. Think of the @job coach, @reflect coach, @holacracy coach, @work organizer coach, and the @budget coach.

We understand that it can also be pleasant to discuss your coaching issues with an external coach. You can use your study budget for this. You can contact an external coach who already knows our organization a little.

We have two coaches you can choose from these are Annemieke Verhoeff and Laurens Bloem. Annemiek Verhoeff you might have met before during the connected workshops. Laurens Bloem has done several coaching programs with colleagues. We have a standing agreement on costs with them so you don’t have to negotiate yourself 😊

An external coach: who are they?

Annemieke Verhoeff

Annemieke Verhoeff is an experienced HR advisor and coach within self-organization and she works naturally with equality and ownership. Maybe you already know her through the Connected Workshop or you met her during another project in our organization.

As a coach and mentor, she focuses on the development of both people and organizations, and she can help you with issues concerning personal effectiveness and leadership within the context of self-organization.

Annemieke is someone who looks along with you with an open mind, asks questions, validates, and helps you see where patterns, obstacles, and opportunities lie. Discover together where you can use your qualities and work on increasing your leadership, energy or resilience (mental and emotional fitness).

We have come to know her as a very pleasant person! It helps a lot that she understands Holacracy and our way of working. So there is no need for a long introduction to the work context and you can quickly get to the heart of your question.

What issues can she help you with?

  • increasing personal development and leadership
  • increasing autonomy and ownership
  • clarifying your career direction
  • increasing mental health
  • learning to reflect
  • increasing the impact and success of your roles
  • dealing with change
  • breaking through resistance & patterns
  • working on resilience
  • challenges in work pressure, planning

There are 2 options to choose from

Option 1: Coaching

This consists of 3 online coaching sessions of approximately 60 minutes each. Experience shows that a lot can be achieved in 3 conversations. The investment is 450 euro excl VAT.

Option 2. Mentor/Counselling

This consists of 1 online conversation. You get a neutral view on a complex challenge or tough issue. The investment is 175 euro excl VAT.

Good to know

  • You can use the study budget, the normal procedure applies for this.
  • Privacy is important. Nothing is shared with anyone in the organization.
  • Sessions can be held in Dutch or English.

Ready to go?

Share your request for support via this registration form. Annemieke will then contact you for a first appointment. This can usually take place within 2 weeks.

Have you done the Gallup Strengthsfinder? Read it again before the appointment and share your report (all 34 strengths) with Annemieke.

Would you like to get acquainted first? Plan an appointment via Calendly. This is free of charge. In a video call, you can see if there is enough basis for cooperation.

Laurens Bloem

Laurens is a experienced coach in the broadest sense of the word. He has been working with start up companies, sporters, corporate businesses, educational organisations. Before starting his own business In-Bloom he worked 14 years as a teacher sport & movement and did coaching and Project Development.

As a coach he always makes a coaching plan tailored to the needs of his client.

Laurens has 3 central questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I capable of, what are my talents
  • What am I looking for, what do I want?

So what are you working towards together with Laurens:

  • Setting goals
  • prioritising
  • self reflection
  • positive mindset
  • personal leadership
  • getting results
  • Most important: Grow as a person. He will coach you to the next step in your own growth.

Laurens firmly believes that there needs to be a ‘click’ between him and the person that he will coach towards their goals. If there is no ‘click’ he will not start the coaching sessions. Why? Cause if there is no ‘click’ finding the trust and being on the same level is very hard and would not give you the results he wishes for you to achieve. This is why he always does a free of charge intake session this mostly is done in person.

So what do I get regarding coaching

  • 1 intake session free of charge: to make sure there is a ’click'. This will be in person, so he will meet you for example at the office
  • 3 coaching sessions: these sessions take 1.5 hours on location
  • The book he wrote about coaching. (you might have seen it at the office already)

For these sessions you can use your study budget. Total cost of this will be €1.500,- (do you have less budget since you don’t work fulltime? Reach out to the study stimulator to see what your options are).

Good to know

  • You can use the study budget, the normal procedure applies for this.
  • Privacy is important. Nothing is shared with anyone in the organization.
  • Sessions can be held in Dutch or English

You can contact Laurens directly on his cellphone: 06-14891099. Do you want to read more visit his website

Requirements for more job coaching above the study budget

Sometimes after speaking with the external coaches it can become clear that the offered sessions paid with your personal study budget aren’t sufficient for the needed outcome. When this is the case exceptions can be made.

Some of these requirements are:

  • Only colleagues with an indefinite contract can apply
  • Per year one external coaching traject is possible from the personal study budget
  • There is left over study budget of the current year and/or previous year
  • Multiple conversations with the job coach, the role fulfillers have educated skills that also might be sufficient for the help questions.
  • Only when the job coach finds the question for guidance to specific or complex that specialistic help is needed.
  • Work related and personal issues that have such influence guidance is needed (this will be discussed with the preventive care role)
  • The job coach and external coach have had a conversation about the colleague that request more sessions. (note: these conversations are always confidential, details that have been shared to the external party by the colleague will never be discussed in detail. Only globally to ensure the request for more sessions is valid).