Chair Massage

Chair massage is known for its relaxing effects on your body. And, that happy body also makes a happy mind, creating space for power, creativity and inspiration.

Chair massage is there to help you feel good, not only with a relaxed body, but most of all: with a destressed mind. In other words: chair massage provides you with much more than just physical benefits. It keeps you focused. Only 20 minutes in between work. A chair massage restores blood flow to the cramped muscles. After the massage your work stress decreases.

In February 2023, we started a pilot for three months. The pilot was converted into a structural chair massage after this. The masseur is present 3 times a month on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Every colleague can sign up for 1 time per month via the link below.

Updates regarding chair massage will be shared in slack #chair-massage.

Where is the masseur in the office?

You can find the masseur near to the yellow sofa where the ergonomic chair will be placed on the days the masseur is present.

What to expect:

  • A massage on an ergonomic chair for 20 mins;
  • A massage focused on the muscles that deserve the most attention, such as back, shoulder and neck (be sure to state any specific wishes in advance);
  • Relax and then return to work refreshed.

Here’s a bunch of tips & tricks that make your chair massage even better:

  • do eat a little something in advance;
  • do put on comfortable clothing for yourself, preferably with long sleeves;
  • do tell about your medical condition (for ex pregnancy, diabetes, high blood pressure, medication);
  • do be in time as you want to enjoy every minute;
  • do drink some plain water right after your massage session.


You can find out how to sign up for a chair massage on this page:


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