Alcohol, drugs, and medication (ADM)

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Use of ADM and/or being under the influence of ADM during working hours

At Voys we want to create a healthy and safe work environment for all our colleagues. The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation ('Arbo-wet' in Dutch) requires an employer, to minimize the risks to safety, health, and wellbeing. Of course, it is your own responsibility to prevent dependency on alcohol, drugs, and medication.

It is not allowed to be under the influence of ADM during working hours. That means that the use of ADM during working hours is not tolerated. Also, use of ADM outside working hours is not tolerated if this means you can’t do your work properly. Use of ADM outside working hours is not tolerated if this means you will still be under the influence while commencing your work.

Violation of this rule can have legal consequences!


The term alcohol is understood to mean any beverage with an alcoholic content.

With the term drugs, it is understood to mean: all substances that influence your consciousness and are used specifically for that reason. There are three types:  substances with a narcotic effect, those with an energizing effect, and substances that change your perception.

Medications are different because, in principle, they are taken for medical reasons. Types of medication that might influence your ability to operate a vehicle or machinery (in the Netherlands indicated by a yellow sticker and warning on the packaging) deserve special attention. If you use any medication in this category, discuss with the (company-)doctor whether working is possible and responsible.

Friday afternoon drinks, company parties, hay sessions, etc.

There is one exception to this rule: consumption of a limited amount of alcohol during certain events and parties organized by the organization is permitted, provided you don't have to work afterward. We expect you to take care of your own well-being and safety.

What to do if you suspect you, or a colleague, have problems with ADM

Do you (think) you have problems with the use of ADM? Find help! Start with your general practitioner and talk to the Preventive care and reintegration mentor. Together we will do our best to think about possible solutions and/or a help path.

If you don’t get help or don’t accept help, you are obstructing your path of recovery & reintegration. This has legal consequences. Do you think a colleague struggles with ADM? Go to the Counselor / Vertrouwenspersoon. This role will treat the case confidentially.

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